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The top OSHA violations in 2017

The prevalence of workplace accidents is no secret, especially in high-risk industries such as construction, manufacturing and health care. The sad part is that although these occupations are dangerous, most accidents are completely avoidable.

3 ailments that can result from metal refinery exposure

Every workplace has the potential to be risky, but some environments contain more inherent dangers than others. This is certainly true of such job sites as heavy metal refineries. Though precautions have greatly improved in the last few decades, positions in this environment may still be vulnerable to ailments and injuries that are unique to the job.

The link between construction accidents and worker fatigue

Many employers and construction workers often assume that fatigue is not a major factor in construction accidents in Saint Paul and across the country. When workers feel tired and are not alert, their ability to detect safety hazards and risks in their work environments diminishes significantly. In addition to workers not being able to perform their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible, occupational fatigue often leads to other complications. These issues may interfere with social interactions between co-workers, lead to higher levels of stress and contribute to health issues. 

Recognizing signs of asbestosis

If you spent much of your professional career working in a trade or industrial environment, you may be among the many Americans exposed to asbestos, which is a group of fibers that together can cause serious health issues. While laws introduced during the 1970s sought to regulate asbestos, many who suffered exposure to the substance did not develop signs or symptoms until somewhere between 10 and 40 years later.

What occupational diseases does workers’ compensation cover?

Most Minnesota workers know workers’ compensation covers them for any injuries they sustain in workplace accidents. But they may not be aware that workers’ compensation also covers occupational diseases. In many workplaces, illnesses are just as common as accidents. Exposure to certain chemicals and toxins may not lead to sickness right away. Sometimes it can take years after exposure for some occupational diseases to develop. 

What to know about the independent medical exam

Workers who apply for workers' compensation benefits in Minnesota may need to go through an Independent Medical Examination. It is true that not all applicants receive a notice to attend an IME. Those with relatively small and straightforward claims have a greater likelihood of a quick approval.

Early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Musculoskeletal disorders are those which affect the muscles, nerves and tendons in your body. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and low back injuries are a few examples of MSDs. Many workers in different industries have to deal with MSDs. OSHA reports that MSD cases accounted for one-third of all worker injuries and illnesses in 2013. Most MSDs are preventable, but employers and employees have to work together to reduce the problems. 

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