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What does OSHA say about forklift safety?

If you operate a forklift at your Minnesota workplace, you should have already received training specific to this type of motor vehicle. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration acknowledges a number of risks that frequently lead to on-the-job injuries. One major hazard is the tipover.

What does OSHA say about backover incidents on job sites?

The manufacturers of passenger vehicles recognize the dangers of driving in reverse, and many vehicles now include cameras. However, on the construction site in Minnesota, you may be working around heavy equipment that not only does not have cameras, but also has large blind spots and many obstacles to avoid. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration points out the risks of backover accidents and provides safety tips to prevent workers from becoming statistics.

How do you encourage driver safety among your employees?

The employee drivers that keep your organization running are critical to the success of your company, but careless or distracted behavior and poor decision-making skills can put the lives of other Minnesota motorists at risk if your employees are dangerous drivers. Additionally, avoidable accidents can tarnish the reputation of your company and leave you with long-term damages. Fortunately, with proactive employee training and education, you can encourage your employees to operate their vehicles safely and in compliance with company-issued protocols. 

Deadly vehicle collision at mine kills 2 workers

Workplace safety in Minnesota is often highly encouraged and taught through informative trainings, hands-on experience and observation. However, even the most rigorous protocols are sometimes incapable of preventing accidents and injuries from occurring on a job. 

On-the-job traffic accidents and PTSD

People often recognize the hazards that construction workers face or the risks associated with repetitive strain. However, it is important to remember that work accidents take all sorts of forms, such as those which occur in traffic. From taxi drivers to truckers and employees running errands, there are many ways that workers are hurt on the road. Moreover, these crashes can cause all sorts of hardships, from injuries to the loss of life. Furthermore, these accidents can result in post-traumatic stress disorder.

How you can operate an employee vehicle safely

If you are one of the many members of the Minnesota workforce who operate an employee vehicle as part of your job, you may be well aware of the importance of abiding by a superior standard of conduct. More importantly than maintaining your reputation as a respectful employee of your employer, your efforts to follow the rules of the road and drive safely can better protect yourself and other drivers on the road. At Fellman Law Office, we are familiar with the unique risks faced by workers who are trusted with company vehicles.

Moving forward after a work zone accident

Workers face a wide variety of threats each day, whether a construction worker falls off of a building, an office worker slips on a wet floor, or an electrician is shocked, to name just a few. Having said that, work zones can be particularly dangerous in Saint Paul, and all over the state of Minnesota. The Fellman Law Office knows that those who are required to work in a work zone may be injured or even killed in a crash, the details of which vary from one incident to another.

How can employers reduce workplace vehicle accidents?

Workplace vehicle accidents happen more often than you may realize in Minnesota. It is such a problem in this country that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has put together specific safety advice to help employers minimize accidents involving workplace vehicles. Following these tips from OSHA can help you to ensure your employees are safer and prevent the expenses that result from accidents.

Promoting safe driving practices in the workplace

Each day, thousands of Minnesota workers travel major thoroughfares in designated company vehicles to get from one destination to the next. While operating a company vehicle can provide a plethora of benefits, conveniences and flexibility for workers and employers alike, it also presents risks associated with potential car accidents.

What guidelines are in place for workplace vehicle safety?

Work-related vehicle accidents in Minnesota are a cause for concern because they occur too often. Not only are employees at risk but companies also face issues when there is an accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has offered some helpful advice and guidelines to help you and your employer minimize accidents

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