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Different types of burn injuries

Burns are a common injury at home and in the workplace. Even with safety guidelines, there is still a considerable number of burns the happen on the job each year. In a 2011 report from the "Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters," researchers found that 40 percent of all burn deaths were related to workplace explosions and fires. Unfortunately, there is a higher degree of men who experience burn injuries on the job.

Hearing loss: The most common workplace injury

With the prevalence of hazardously loud machinery in factories and workplaces across the country, it's no small wonder that hearing loss ranks as the most common workplace injury. Unfortunately, many workers tend to overlook the dangers of hearing loss. Similarly, businesses do not always provide appropriate precautions or take proper steps to reduce the risk for workers. An employee needs to know that hearing damage can be a compensable workplace injury in Minnesota.

Company fails to pay workers for time to put on safety gear

Employers must do everything in their power to protect employees from work-related injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, protection often comes after incidents have already occurred. Companies must change their focus and become more proactive.

Getting workers' compensation in a dangerous workplace

The dangers of being a patient in a hospital have been widely reported, making headlines on television, in print and online. Unfortunately, the dangers of working in a hospital are not as well known to the public. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of hospital employees' illnesses and injuries is twice that of private sector employees.

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