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The role of occupational therapy in rehabilitation

Despite the ongoing efforts of Minnesota employers to regulate their workers' behavior, implement safety requirements and perform frequent assessments that gauge adherence to corporate policy, accidents can still happen at work. A workers' compensation policy is an excellent tool for both employers and employees. Its purpose is to provide protection for a company and its assets, while providing assistance to employers who may receive injuries on the job. 

Can you prevent repetitive stress injuries at work?

When you hear stories about workplace accidents, your first thought is often probably a scenario in a more hazardous industry. For example, a construction worker falling from scaffolding or a logger getting caught in a piece of heavy machinery. What you may have never considered, is that office workers in Minnesota can also suffer from workplace injuries. Repetitive stress injuries are more common than many people realize and if you do not understand proper prevention, you could be setting the foundation for a future of uncomfortable problems. 

Is it legal to track company vehicles?

If you have company vehicles that employees use on a regular basis in Minnesota, you probably often worry about how well they are driving and how they behave when behind the wheel. You have every right to be concerned since you will ultimately end up at least somewhat liable for what they do when driving your company vehicles. Plus, your insurance will reflect your employees' habits and mistakes. Thanks to technology, you can monitor your employees' habits, but is this legal?

What are the fatal four?

The construction industry is inherently dangerous. The nature of the work puts workers in harms way often. That is why there is so much focus within the industry on safety. Many accidents and injuries on Minnesota construction sites can easily be avoided by recognizing hazards and practicing proper safety protocols. In fact, there are four specific hazardous situations that are recognized in the industry as the fatal four, according to EHS Today. The fatal four are those accidents that cause the most injuries and deaths of construction workers. Knowing what they are can help keep you safer on the job.

Is shift work dangerous?

If you work third shift, then you probably understand how it can have a severe effect on your life. However, after some time working these hours, you may feel like your body has adjusted. The reality is that all shift workers in Minnesota are at a disadvantage simply due the hours they work that fall outside the body's normal cycles.

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