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Being supportive of colleagues with mental illness

You have recently been moved to a new department within your organization and are looking forward to maximizing the opportunities you have been given. In your recent change you have been introduced to some new colleagues, one of which suffers from a mental illness. Your awareness and support can not only allow you to feel more confident around this individual, but enable him or her to perform their best. At Fellman Law Office, we have helped many Minnesota businesses to create protocols designed to protect their workers, especially those who are vulnerable. 

What can you do to keep worker's comp costs lower?

In order to keep your company in Minnesota running smoothly and in compliance with management-sanctioned protocols, one of your highest priorities is to recruit top talent who are committed to your mission. Another task you will constantly be facing is how you can implement policies that will protect the safety and well-being of your employees, and ultimately your company's brand and success. Worker's compensation is an excellent resource to consider when you are looking to mitigate the costs if an accident or injury were to happen in your workplace. 

The rights of employees in the workplace

While a majority of Minnesota companies go to great lengths to protect the well-being and safety of their employees, there are organizations that have failed to enforce protocols or simply do not care so much about the conditions of the work environment. When this happens, hazards can create dangerous circumstances that significantly heighten the risks faced by workers. Under federal law, employees are granted specific rights and they have the option of filing a complaint if they feel that their health or safety is endangered at any time. 

Encouraging responsibility from employees with company vehicles

Minnesota companies that manage a fleet of employee-operated vehicles face a unique set of risks as they rely on their workers to be trustworthy in driving work vehicles safely and responsibly. While it would be ideal for management to rely completely on their workers understanding of traffic laws, they cannot control what their workers choose to do while behind the wheel. If companies are to effectively get their product or service to waiting consumers, they have to actively encourage driver safety and efficiency among fleet members. 

Why are construction sites so dangerous?

Construction jobs in Minnesota are well-known for being dangerous. Injuries and even deaths occur almost daily on site throughout the state. There are many government and private agencies working to keep you safe when you work in this industry, but despite that accidents still happen. So, what makes construction sites so dangerous even though the dangers are clearly known?

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