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OSHA investigates after worker's fatal accident

For many Minnesota employers, implementing a worker's compensation program is an integral part of facilitating communication and reaching an agreeable solution if an accident ever occurs in the workplace. In fact, many employers go to extensive lengths to identify and implement protocols designed to protect their assets, property and the well-being of their workers. However, in some circumstances, employers are unable to monitor everything their workers do, which can sometimes create substantial danger. 

How long does temporary total disability last?

After your on-the-job injury in Minnesota, you may wonder how long your temporary total disability benefits will last. This may be a cause for concern, as your ability to recover depends on the payments that provide some of your lost wages while you must stay off your feet at home. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, your TTD benefits may stop for a number of reasons, and in some cases, they may be reinstated.

The link between construction accidents and worker fatigue

Many employers and construction workers often assume that fatigue is not a major factor in construction accidents in Saint Paul and across the country. When workers feel tired and are not alert, their ability to detect safety hazards and risks in their work environments diminishes significantly. In addition to workers not being able to perform their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible, occupational fatigue often leads to other complications. These issues may interfere with social interactions between co-workers, lead to higher levels of stress and contribute to health issues. 

A closer look at occupational skin disorders and prevention

Each day, hundreds of members of the Minnesota workforce are exposed to harsh environmental conditions while performing routine job responsibilities. Extended exposure to severe conditions can have many lasting side effects that can affect a person's health, quality of life and ability to continue working.

Deadly vehicle collision at mine kills 2 workers

Workplace safety in Minnesota is often highly encouraged and taught through informative trainings, hands-on experience and observation. However, even the most rigorous protocols are sometimes incapable of preventing accidents and injuries from occurring on a job. 

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