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Avoid workplace injuries by knowing potential dangers

While having a job is essential for the livelihood and satisfaction of many Minnesota residents, for some it can be significantly more dangerous than for others. Factors influencing a person’s risk level can include anything from industry type, to environmental exposure to types of equipment used.

Workers can be better prepared and able to avoid workplace injuries when they are fully aware of the types of dangers that could pose a threat to their safety. According to the Huffington Post, some of these dangers include the following:

  • Driving: Workers who are required to commute each day to attend appointments, service customers or deliver product are often given a company vehicle. Because they are exposed to the everyday risks associated with driving a motor vehicle, they may be at higher risk of injury than others.
  • Heights: Some industries, like construction, require people to work at excessive heights. When working on scaffolding, scaling a roof or working from the top of a cherry picker, a worker should be extra cautious of his or her surroundings and wear all applicable safety equipment to avoid falling.
  • Compression: People who operate heavy machinery or equipment are at increased risk of getting caught, compressed or crushed if they do not understand how to operate it properly. Sometimes, technical malfunctions can also occur which compromise the integrity of machinery.
  • Overexertion: For workers who are required to lift heavy objects, stand for long periods of time or face consistent exposure to hazardous environments, they are at risk of overexertion. Too much strain can compromise a person’s safety and health.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that in the year 2015 alone, 4,836 workers suffered fatal injuries in workplace accidents.

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