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What can cause my workers’ compensation claim to be denied?

If you are getting ready to file a workers’ compensation claim in Minnesota, you may find yourself wondering what problems you may encounter during the process. Even though workers’ compensation is a benefit you are entitled by law, and you have suffered an accident at work that qualifies according to the guidelines, there are many reasons why your claim may end up getting denied. 

A denial does not mean you have no recourse. You may still get your benefits, but you will need to file an appeal to do so. To spare yourself the delays, frustrations and complications that can ensue during the claims process, you should learn about some common factors that can result in the denial of your initial claim. 

Not reporting your accident right away 

You should report your accident and injuries to your employer right away. Even if you initially feel normal after your accident you should report it so there is documentation of the event. Workers’ compensation claims are time sensitive. When reporting your accident and injuries, be sure you fill out an incident report with your human resources department and get copies of it. According to NYDailyNews.com, you “should receive a follow-up call or inquiry from an insurance adjuster” soon after. 

Testing positive for an unapproved substance 

Most employers require their workers to submit to chemical testing to determine if they are on any illegal, unprescribed and unsanctioned substances at the time of their accidents. If you test positive for alcohol or drugs, you lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits for that particular incident.

Not seeking medical treatment from an approved doctor 

You should not ignore your injuries or wait until you are in so much pain or distress to seek out medical treatment. You should receive a list of workers’ compensation approved doctors and medical centers for you to go to for treatment. Waiting too long to see an approved medical provider or seeing one of your own choosing can result in you losing your eligibility for benefits. It can also result in your medical bills not being paid. 

Workers’ compensation claims are not open and shut cases. There are many factors that can lead to the approval or denial of your claim. You should review your employer’s policies and speak to a human resource representative to familiarize yourself with the process to reduce the likelihood of complications with your claim.

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