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Common office injuries

Working in an office building in St. Paul does not mean that you are safe from workplace injuries. Many office buildings are filled with hazards that can affect your health. While some offices may have fewer safety risks than many outside and manufacturing work environments, there is no reason why you should not be aware of the common types of office injuries you are at risk of sustaining.

Eye strain

Workers who experience sore, irritated, dry and red eyes may suffer from eye strain. Employees who spend a good portion of their days staring at computer screens and working in low-lit areas tend to develop this condition. Eye strain is a very good indicator of eye fatigue. Workers can minimize their risks of developing it by improving the lighting in their work areas, focusing their eyes on other objects in their workspaces that are at varying depths and taking frequent breaks.

Workstation injuries

Some employers do not design their workstations with their employees in mind. This can lead to workers developing bad posture resulting to back and neck pain, repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and damaged muscles. Ergonomically correct workstations should have adjustable-height chairs that provide sufficient lumbar support, fewer computer screens to limit repetitious neck movements, desks that are a good height so computer monitors are eye level and keyboards are at 90-degree angles to prevent wrist injuries.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls can happen at any time, especially when workers are rushing and not paying attention to where they place their feet. They can also happen when office equipment, power cords and other workplace apparatuses are placed in areas where they should not be. For example, power cords that extend across common aisle ways to connect to other workstations can lead to minor and severe office slip-and-fall related injuries. Other sources of slips and falls that could result in mild to moderate office injuries include wet floors and uneven floor surfaces, mats, and carpets.

Air quality

Many office work environments are designed so that workers sit near each other. Air quality issues can arise that affect employee health when these environments are not properly maintained by employers. Unsanitary work conditions and the accumulation of dirt, dust, pollen and other air contaminants, lack of ventilation maintenance, and cleaning and humidity issues can increase the likelihood of workers developing allergies and ailments that interfere with their abilities to perform their jobs properly or at all.

Sometimes workers cannot avoid office injuries without risking their employment. Even though there are measures employees can take to reduce their risk of harm, the burden of prevention ultimately falls to the employer. If you have injuries and ailments that you feel you sustained from work, you should contact an attorney to discuss your situation with them.

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