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What should I do if I'm injured at work?

Any injury is shocking and can be devastating. You're left worrying about your well-being physically and financially.

When you're injured at work and no longer able to perform your job, your worry is likely to be compounded. You're left with questions, and may be wondering what you can do to make sure you recover physically and financially.

There are steps you should follow when injured at work. Making the right decisions can help you recover your losses faster and more efficiently.

Report your injury to your employer

You should report your injury as soon as you can. Your employer should have policies in place for how to handle the situation, and should have a system for filing injury reports. Make sure your supervisor or the appropriate party does this, and make sure to get a copy. It is also helpful to keep your own detailed notes about your injury in case issues arise in the process.

Seek medical care

In an emergency, you should of course call 911. Your company may have an approved doctor they send you to for ongoing care, but it is important for you to seek out your own doctor. You want to make sure you are getting the best care from a physician who only has your best interests in mind.

Document and keep notes

Throughout the entire process, document what is being done. Keep reports from your employer and your doctor. If you need to take a long-term leave or file a workers’ compensation claim, you want to have as much information to help you as possible.

Hire an attorney

An attorney can help you with the entire process. Filing a workers’ compensation claim or recovering losses from an injury can be a daunting process. An attorney can help make sure you are doing everything you should to put yourself in the best possible position.

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