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Mental health and workplace injuries

When you hurt your back or knee, it's relatively easy to get treated. An MRI or X-ray may show your damage, and a doctor can treat you accordingly. This isn't the case with psychological injuries. 

It's easy to forget about mental health because it can't be seen, but workplace injuries can be psychological. These injuries are real, and deserve to be treated the same as any others. 

There are many injuries that can affect you mentally. The laws regarding psychological injuries are narrow, but progress is being made. We've outlined a few common issues below.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Most of us think of soldiers coming back from war in regards to PTSD, but it is an issue that can inflict many people. Extreme stress in any work environment could lead to the development to PTSD, as could experiencing a tragedy or being exposed to severe injury or death.

Depression or anxiety

If a work injury leads to the development of depression or anxiety, you may be able to recover losses. The laws regarding mental health claims against your employer are narrow, but the courts are beginning to recognize mental illness more than they have in the past. It can be a complicated issue to navigate, but depression and anxiety are serious issues that should be handled accordingly.

Physical issues

Stress and mental illness can lead to physical issues. Ulcers, for example, can be a physical manifestation of stress or mental anguish. 

While mental illness is hard to prove in regards to workplace injuries, progress is being made. It is important to take psychological injuries as seriously as physical ones. 

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