Pursuing Workers' Compensation For Repetitive Stress Injuries

Typing in an office, constant twisting and turning in a factory, and bending or lifting at a construction site can cause painful pressure on the joints — and lead to serious repetitive stress injury.

Are you struggling with pain, lost income and medical bills? Are you concerned about your health and your ability to return to your job after a work accident? If months or years of repetitive stress on your muscles, tendons and joints have injured you, and thrown you out of work, you could qualify for workers' compensation benefits in Minnesota.

At the Fellman Law Office in St. Paul, Mark Fellman is an injury lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in successfully advocating for injured workers and their workers' compensation claims.

You should report your repetitive stress injury immediately, then contact us at the Fellman Law Office for a free consultation.

Representing Victims Of Repetitive Stress Injury

We at the Fellman Law Office represent workers in work injury claims caused by:

A "wear and tear" repetitive stress injury aggravated during job duties is as compensable as a broken bone, even if preceded by an underlying condition, and can entitle an employee to workers' compensation benefits. You also have a right to pursue compensation claims if your injury is due in part to prior surgery, such as knee or back surgery, as long as it can be shown that the current injury was work-related.

Mr. Fellman listens carefully to you and will help guide you through the workers' compensation claim petition process. In doing so, he informs you of the types of benefits available to you. He personally attends to all deadlines and important dates along the way.

Contact A St. Paul Workers' Compensation Attorney

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