Pursuing Benefits For Work-Related Psychological Injuries

Minnesota's workers' compensation law recognizes some types of work-related psychological claims. A mental/physical injury can occur when work-related stress produces a physical injury such as an ulcer. A physical/mental injury can occur when a work-related physical injury, such as a back injury, aggravates, accelerates or causes a mental injury such as depression or chronic pain.

Until recently, Minnesota's workers' compensation law has not recognized a mental/mental injury such as work-related mental stress producing a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression. That type of a claim is now, in certain very limited situations, recognized. Minnesota law now covers a work-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In order to establish PTSD certain, specific conditions must be met.

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Handling Psychological Injuries That Affect Your Job

When a serious physical injury results in a mental health condition, or when the stress of the work environment causes you to have a physical problem such as an ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome, or if your work exposes you to actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violence causing you to be diagnosed with PTSD, St. Paul workers' compensation attorney Mark Fellman at the Fellman Law Office is here to help.

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