St. Paul Attorney Handling Work-Related Meniscus Tear Cases

Every day, in many different jobs across Minnesota, workers are required to twist, turn and put pressure on joints in ways that they do not think too much about — until a work injury occurs. Only then do many workers realize just how important being pain-free is to their jobs. Unable to perform the tasks necessary for their jobs, they worry about how to make ends meet and support their families.

If you have injured your knee or another joint in a Minnesota workplace, the Fellman Law Office in St. Paul will fight hard to get you the compensation to which you are entitled. We understand the worry you may be experiencing, so we take actions that achieve the best possible results for you.

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Knee Or Joint Injury In The Workplace

Our law firm handles knee and joint injury cases related to many different workplace injuries and situations:

  • A sudden twist to the knee
  • Too much weight or pressure on the knee
  • Bending the knee or another joint unexpectedly to catch a falling object
  • Stepping into an unexpected hole
  • Falling and landing incorrectly on a knee or another joint, like a wrist, elbow, shoulder or ankle
  • Lifting and twisting the knee at the same time

Advice On Treatment From An Experienced Attorney

Many people do not know that they have experienced a meniscus tear until the problem has become serious. Meniscus cartilage has no nerve endings, so people do not feel small tears. It is only when the tears become larger and the area around them becomes swollen and painful that people realize they have a problem.

At that time, the knee injury must be treated with ice, anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy and rest. Serious knee injuries may even require surgery. If you have experienced one, it is important to take advantage of your medical benefits and get the treatment you need.

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