Help For Workers Suffering From Asbestos-Related Disease

Did your exposure to asbestos on the job result in a life-threatening illness such as lung cancer or mesothelioma?

If you are wondering how you will pay for an expensive hospital stay or even more expensive surgery after an asbestos exposure in the workplace, turn to St. Paul workers' compensation attorney Mark Fellman at the Fellman Law Office.

As your attorney, Mr. Fellman pays careful attention to your discussion of workplace asbestos exposure. He knows about the negative effects of asbestos and other occupational diseases on people in a variety of professions, from insulators and electricians, to plumbers and pipe fitters to people who worked in the auto industry. Our entire firm works hard to secure the wage and medical benefits you need to get back on your feet and back to your job in Minnesota.

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Asbestos-Related Disease Claims

Asbestos–related diseases, such as mesothelioma, typically do not manifest themselves until years after the initial asbestos exposure on a construction site or home-building project. You may qualify for workers' compensation benefits even if your asbestos exposure occurred in the workplace long ago.

Not only can a workers' compensation claim be filed if an asbestos exposure took place during the course of employment — you may also have a case against the manufacturer of the asbestos product in question. The Fellman Law Office is here to help in any way we can.

Protecting Your Rights

To protect your rights after an asbestos-related accident injury on the job, Mark Fellman plans a strategy for your case, gathers detailed information to support your claim, closely monitors deadlines and advocates for you at all hearings. He negotiates with insurers in your best interests and, if necessary, provides a strong voice for your goals in the courtroom.

Mark Fellman has over 30 years of experience handling workers' compensation claims based on asbestos exposure. He is particularly knowledgeable about asbestos–related illnesses, and can explore legal options that go beyond a Minnesota workers' compensation claim.

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