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How can construction site falls be avoided?

On a daily basis, construction workers face many different threats in the workplace. In Minnesota, and across the U.S., some may be hurt as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals or electrical shock, while others may sustain an injury due to falling objects and deficient machinery. However, falling is particularly problematic and responsible for many of the serious injuries and fatalities that take place on construction sites. For construction workers and employers in the industry, understanding how falls can be prevented is critical.

Avoid workplace injuries by knowing potential dangers

While having a job is essential for the livelihood and satisfaction of many Minnesota residents, for some it can be significantly more dangerous than for others. Factors influencing a person’s risk level can include anything from industry type, to environmental exposure to types of equipment used.

Dealing with a repetitive stress injury

In workspaces across the country, employees suffer various types of injuries each day. Sometimes, these injuries are completely unexpected, while others may have had certain warning signs. Regardless, employees who are hurt at work in Minnesota often face numerous difficulties as they try to recover. At the Fellman Law Office, we know that many people have been hurt due to repetitive stress.

What are America’s most common workplace safety violations?

When you show up to your Minnesota job each day, you probably assume at least some level of risk, although certain professions are undeniably riskier than others. Regardless of how severe the hazards associated with your industry are, your employer has an obligation to protect you to the fullest extent possible.

Common office injuries

Working in an office building in St. Paul does not mean that you are safe from workplace injuries. Many office buildings are filled with hazards that can affect your health. While some offices may have fewer safety risks than many outside and manufacturing work environments, there is no reason why you should not be aware of the common types of office injuries you are at risk of sustaining.

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