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Protecting yourself against occupational diseases

There are a wide range of diseases that can inflict workers. While occupational diseases overall have become rarer over the years with better technology and understanding of the causes and symptoms, diseases still happen.

Coal mining is one of the industries that come to mind, for example. People often think of black lung. Minnesota doesn’t have coal mines, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other potential disease risks in the state. Knowing the risks of your workplace, and taking the proper precautions can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding disease.

Independent contractors and workers’ compensation

While independent contractors generally aren’t employees of a business, workers’ compensation laws can muddle the rules—especially when it comes to the construction industry.

All Minnesotan employers are required to hold workers’ compensation coverage or be self-insured (in rare instances). These benefits protect workers who are injured on the job. This is great for employees, but what does it mean for independent contractors?

Worksite safety tips for icy and cold conditions

It’s been hard to miss the recent attack of freezing rain we’ve had in Minnesota. This is some of the most hazardous weather imaginable. Between the low temperatures and the icy roads and sidewalks, there isn’t much respite from the treacherous conditions.

While we all contend with the weather, the winter months can be especially hard for construction workers. While some work is seasonal, working in bad conditions cannot always be avoided. Because of this, it is important to practice safety measures at work sites.

Different types of burn injuries

Burns are a common injury at home and in the workplace. Even with safety guidelines, there is still a considerable number of burns the happen on the job each year. In a 2011 report from the "Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters," researchers found that 40 percent of all burn deaths were related to workplace explosions and fires. Unfortunately, there is a higher degree of men who experience burn injuries on the job.

Work-related deaths rise in Minnesota

In a recent blog post, we wrote about how work-related illness and deaths had declined across the United States in 2015. That good news for national workers has not extended to Minnesota. 

Newly released data shows there were more work-related deaths in Minnesota in 2015 than any year since 2006.

Work environments and skin disease

There are many occupations that require workers to use chemicals. Exposure to some of these substances can be harmful.

Taking the proper safety precautions when it comes to working with chemicals is imperative. However, even when chemicals are handled properly, workers risk exposure. In some cases, this can lead to skin diseases.

Winter driving safety

Winter driving can be hazardous for anyone: Snow, wind and ice can all cause unsafe driving conditions.

These concerns are universal, but some of us are fortunate enough to avoid driving in poor conditions. That isn’t always the case for employees who drive for work. Below, we’ve outlined a few safe driving practices that OSHA recommends.

Facts about frostbite

The weather is getting cooler, and for many workers, that means changing up their wardrobe. If your occupation has you working outside after temperatures drop below freezing, staying ahead of frostbite is important, because even mild cases can sideline you for days. Advanced cases can be life threatening, to say nothing of their impact on your ability to earn a livelihood. Here's what you need to know about frostbite before heading out to work this winter.

Mental health and workplace injuries

When you hurt your back or knee, it's relatively easy to get treated. An MRI or X-ray may show your damage, and a doctor can treat you accordingly. This isn't the case with psychological injuries. 

It's easy to forget about mental health because it can't be seen, but workplace injuries can be psychological. These injuries are real, and deserve to be treated the same as any others. 

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